Pu-erh sits apart from the other traditional teas. It originated in China’s rugged Yunnan Province, and is made from ‘big leaf’ Camellia Sinensis bushes. These larger tea leaves are dried, oxidised and rolled, before being pressed into ‘cakes’ where they undergo a gentle fermentation that can mature the tea for many years. Pu-erh can be an acquired taste, but it’s a tea that attracts enormous interest (not least because of its many unique health benefits). Indeed, there are even vintage pu-erhs, as with wine. Pu-erh tends to have a rich and complex flavour with earthy overtones, and is often described as ‘fruity’, ‘woody’ or even ‘whisky-like’. This is a serious connoisseur’s tea. We absolutely love it.


Measure:1 - 2 tsp

Ideal Brewing Temperature: 95

Brewing Time: 2 - 5 Minutes

Contents: 100g in a Peyton & Byrne Gift Tin

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